Critter Care was born through Kathy Davis’ passion of wanting to
provide each dog and cat owner with a high quality grooming
service and having pets look forward to their next bath!

Critter Care has been using natural and biodegradable
products from the beginning.

The husband and wife team offer
dental care for cooperative pets!

Kathy gets her Master Groomer
and CAH certifications

Boarding for dogs
in the Davis’s
private home is also offered to both
clients and non-clients with referral.
To maintain a flea free environment
all pets found to have fleas will
be bathed prior to entering the
home. All dog breeds are
welcomed, with the exception of
un-neutered males.

Kathy’s husband Arnie joins the
team, helping more owners
keep their pets happy and clean!

Spa services and aromatherapy are also available
for every owner that wants to pamper their pet!
Critter Care is known for its attention to details
and for becoming familiar with each pet individually.

Critter Care purchases their new truck with
an inverter
that is more environmentally
friendly and has less waste.

CPR and first aid certified
New grooming truck
Keeping up with the ever changing needs of our clients and remaining current on all the newest technology and equipment


Our mission is to provide a safe, positive, and comfortable grooming environment for each pet and family. We believe that each pet is an individual with his or her own special needs and who deserves our attention, respect, and commitment. We are dedicated to using all natural grooming products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays. We strive to continually educate ourselves so that we may provide pet owners with the information they need to create a healthy lifestyle for their pet.

Our Trucks

Are air conditioned and have plenty of room to accomodate small and large dogs and cats. They are equipped with spa/bath tubs and massage/ trimming table. Warm water and recyclable products are used at all times as well as relaxing scents to make your pet calm and relaxed.